Love Thy Neighbor

(COVID-19 Outreach)

Meet Our Team

These are certainly very chaotic times that require all hands on deck. Every day seems to bring major, sometimes scary, challenges across the board. Now more than ever, people across our medical, political and economic leadership are being stretched thin - an incredible amount of work needs to be done and much of it is falling on mayors, governors and doctors across the country.

As fellow citizens with the ability and desire to help others, we wanted to shoulder some of that responsibility within our community. We're here to do the work while others focus on tackling the bigger issues.

We are working to make these uncertain times a little safer for those most at risk and if you need our assistance, we are here for you.

Our Mission

Matagorda County Love Thy Neighbor is a group of concerned citizens of Matagorda County (and beyond) choosing to volunteer to bring groceries and supplies to those at high-risk or simply unable to acquire the necessities for every day life.

Although we will not be making physical (face-to-face) contact with you, we are willing to speak by phone and get to know you as well as do our best to provide the assistance you need!

Our Support

If you want to volunteer to help or if you need assistance, give us a call!



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